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Martin has been a professional guitar teacher for over 20 years. Since graduating from Thames Valley University in 1998 with a music degree, he has put tremendous effort into being the best at his work. His teaching takes place in schools (primary & secondary) throughout Kent as well as in his pupil’s homes.

When you have lessons with Martin you will be learning with a tutor that welcomes all ages/abilities, is dedicated towards you achieving your goals and aspirations, offers flexible arrangements – cost/logistics etc. and above all realises that the most important thing is for you to absolutely love doing it. He is also aware that his students will flourish with a tutor that works in a polite, friendly, relaxed and positive manor. Martin has all these qualities.


Swanley Studios Martin's Guiitar Lessons

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More Than Just Lessons!


As if this is not good enough, there is just so much more on offer is you want it. Learning with Martin opens great opportunities for you.

A couple of times a year Martin puts on live shows for his students to take part in, he calls these ‘Martin’s Student s Rock’. These are wonderful events where students get to play with a band and show off their skills to an audience. Friends and family come along, everyone loves the experience.

Martin also runs open mic nights at various venues in the area. These are similar to the above but allow you to perform either on your won or with one other musician. There are no drums, bass or big sound involved, just plug in and play. The open mic night’s can be a good stepping stone to ‘Martins Students Rock’.

Workshops. Martin will get you together with other students/musicians and you will have some great fun playing loudly/interact with others. These take place at the studio and just provide a different way of learning.

Contacts/Social. As you will see from the local info page Martin knows a lot of people. By knowing Martin you will get to introduced to these people if required or recommended. On the social side of this you will be kept informed of local events/gigs etc. even if it’s just as simple as watching Martin with the Counterfeit Beatles; these kinds of things can be very inspiring.

Martin’s aim is to add something to people’s lives as a result of his work and skills. There are thousands of satisfied students, parents, teachers and schools out there that prove he is doing exactly that.